Our Vision

Our goal is to create a meaningful impact, not just for our practices and patients, but also for underserved patients and communities on a local and global scale.

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1:1 Model

Blue Sky is driving social impact with a commitment to communities both domestically and globally through our 1 for 1 model. For every 1 prescription we fill at Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy, we donate 1 prescription back to our nonprofit partner One World Health to make a difference in patients lives in underserved communities here at home and abroad.

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Effective June 1, 2018, we are excited to announce that we received full accreditation as a specialty pharmacy from URAC. URAC is considered the Gold Standard for specialty pharmacy accreditation and is a validation of the value and quality that we deliver to our patients and clients we service. As a URAC accredited pharmacy, we have implemented a protocol for a patient-centered pharmacy strategy and created a patient management program that includes coordinating care for our patients, communication and education, and notifying out clients of their rights and responsibilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with our patients, practices, and non profit partners in creating access to essential treatments and navigating the complexities of the modern healthcare system.

Our Services

Our goal is to alleviate the administrative burden and headaches that can be associated with specialty treatments so our practices and providers can spend their time and energy focused on treating patients.

Patient Education & Support
Reimbursement Counseling
Financial & Copay Support
Prior Authorization Assistance
Benefits Investigation
Comprehensive disease state management
Patient Privacy / HIPAA
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  • Patients
    We are acutely aware that dealing with a serious health condition can be daunting and at times maybe even traumatic.

    Our goal is to help support patients in navigating the overwhelming complexities of creating access so that patients have more time to focus on managing their health.  At Blue Sky it’s more than just servicing a prescription for us but an opportunity to be apart of the journey in healing and transformation in each individual we serve.

  • Prior Authorizations
    Many patients are unfamiliar with prior authorization when they have been diagnosed with a condition that requires a specialty treatment.

    In summary Prior Authorizations can be confusing, complex, and overwhelming in navigating the entire labyrinth of prescription approval.  At Blue Sky we work with the Patients, the Providers, the Practices, and the Payor’s to elevate communication, cohesion, and clarity to the entire cycle of the prescription.

  • Patient Financial Assistance
    At Blue Sky we understand that unforeseen and unmanageable healthcare costs can create unwelcome stress and even in some cases lead to serious emotional and financial duress.

    We empathize with the costly challenges that can be associated with an already serious medical condition.  It is our responsibility to provide sensitive and compassionate service and assist patients with creating access and affordability at every possible opportunity and in every possible way.

  • Foundations
    We work skillfully and diligently to enroll qualifying patients into programs that they may not otherwise know exist.

    We work with our practices and patients to uncover opportunities for patients who may qualify for financial assistance programs from drug manufacturers and third party non-profit programs.

Profiles of Hope and Health

The purpose of this blog is to shed light on some of these heroic individuals we have the privilege to work with and serve here at Blue Sky and to help tell their stories. We are passionate about social responsibility in our little corner of the world and more importantly what we can do to contribute to the improvement of health in underserved populations here at home in South Carolina and abroad.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself…

life is about creating yourself.”

–George Bernard Shaw

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Coming Soon for our Patients

At Blue Sky, we are continuously working to improve our patients experience. With our forthcoming Blue Sky Patient Portal, our patients will be granted access to an assortment of features that make working with us a breeze.

  • Direct message your pharmacist with all of your questions.

  • Pay your co-pay directly within the portal.

  • Upload and download important documents.

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