About Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy

We are a purpose driven entity and built into the very core principles of our business is a social fabric that transcends just the bottom line.  We feel we have a charge to pursue more than just a profit but to extend our resources, our reach, and our responsibility to as many patients regardless of borders or socio economic constraints.

We are obsessively customer and patient centric and every patient deserves our upmost in creating access. Every prescription we service makes a difference in a patient’s life and we are proud of that. However, it is also our belief we can go even further with each prescription we service.

1:1 Model

Blue Sky is driving social impact with a commitment to communities both domestically and globally through our 1 for 1 model.

For every 1 prescription we fill at Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy we donate 1 prescription back to our nonprofit partner One World Health to make a difference in patients lives in underserved communities here at home and abroad.  It is not just our mission but the cornerstone of our business to purse a purpose greater than just our single entity. It is our desire to be a vehicle of positive change and redefine the conventional model.

We are always in search for ways to create meaningful partnership that allows us to contribute in way that brings value to both an organization and people.  Our focus at this time is to create a sustainable partnership with One World Health and the St. Andrews Free Clinic.  We work closely with both groups to help understand their mission and impact their work in creating access for all patients.

Our Vision

Blue Sky was founded out of the vision to reimagine pharmacy
as we know it today.

We wanted our model to be more than just something different, not for the sake of being different, but for the goal of creating a meaningful and enduring impact not just for our practices and patients but also for underserved patients and communities on a local and global scale. Our vision is to alleviate the administrative burden and headaches that can be associated with specialty treatments so our practices and providers can spend their time focused on treating patients.

The Blue Sky Effect

See how our partnership with One World Health has impacted patients around the globe and at home.

In Nicaragua
Prescriptions Filled
In Uganda
Prescriptions Filled
Domestic Patient & Co-Pay Assistance
  • Company History
    Find out how we came together and where we are headed.

    Blue Sky was founded in 2014 with the purpose of bringing disruption into an otherwise static space.  We have had exponential growth the past couple years but every practice and patient we serve comes with a disciplined and methodical approach in order to maximize service and value for all stakeholders.

  • Origin of the Blue Sky name
    Learn the significance behind our name; Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy.

    We get this question all the time!  We wanted something a little different that embodied our vision for the pharmacy.  One of our objectives is to take a traditional model and move it forward in both relevance and authenticity.

  • The Blue Sky School?
    If the Specialty Pharmacy business doesn't work out we can always start a school!

    Between Curt, Chan, Anne, and Shana we have total of 18 kids among our families!  Curt (4), Chan (3), Anne (4), Shana (4) Michelle (3).  If the specialty pharmacy doesn’t work out we might start a school!

  • We Love Animals!
    Our love for people is only equaled by our love for pets.

    Mary and Aubrey often talk about becoming a Pet Pharmacy because of their passion for animals.  Mary has 2 dogs, Aubrey has 2 dogs, Latoya has a new puppy! Check out our Blue Sky Instagram feed to meet all of our furry friends!

  • Friday Fun Days
    It’s not all work around here…no way!

    On Fridays we love to take off early to one of the many awesome restaurants here in Charleston.  We love some Taco Boy and Margs on the rocks!  Please see our Instagram feed for pics.